It is a great pleasure to invite you to a great scientific feast which will mark the 18th National and 6th International Congresses of the Wound and Tissue Repair Society along with the 10th International Symposium of the King’s College Hospital London on Multidisciplinary Care and Surgical Reconstruction of Diabetic Foot between November 14 and 17, 2024 in Antalya. We firmly believe that this prestigious congress will serve as the beginning of a very fruitful scientific cooperation between the two reputable communities that carry out prominent activities in the field of wound management.

It is an obvious fact that we as the clinicians have the possibility to not only preserve the limbs and their functions but also improve the quality of life for the patients. This is due to the advances made over the past decade the surgical treatment of the diabetic foot. This has resulted in significant progress and the highest standards of care for diabetic foot which is the most important complication of diabetes and is now considered pandemic.

Two days of the meeting will focus on the diabetic foot and will cover modern multidisciplinary approaches in diagnosis and treatment.In addition to the proven treatment principles of the diabetic foot, important sessions will also run on the treatment of the Charcot foot detailing the advanced techniques of midfoot and hindfoot. The sessions will be further enriched with presentations on the latest developments including advanced endovascular techniques and ultra-distal bypass procedures for the treatment of arterial ulcers which often present alongside the diabetic foot ulcer.

The program also entertains dedicated workshops to be moderated by internationally recognized experts with primary focus on debridement and off-loading applications. The delegates will meet the opportunity to interact with world-renowned faculty members during interactive lectures, debates, live video demonstrations, complex case discussions and free paper presentations and to discuss methodological differences in the treatment of all kinds of wounds, not just of the diabetic foot.

King of Pergamon Attalos II (159-138 B.C.) ordered his soldiers to find the heaven on earth. Antalya, where his soldiers did find heaven on earth and built a port city thereafter, will be the venue for our congress. The participants will have the opportunity to extend their stay to enjoy the magnificent sunlight and beach in Antalya, where the temperature is usually above 15 C during that time of the year. Antalya, being the most beautiful city not only in Türkiye but also the entire Mediterranean region, has been the cradle of numerous civilizations including the Roman Empire and the Seljuk Empire, in particular, and is an outstanding place of attraction with its interesting historical sites.

In addition to its strong scientific character, the congress is spiced up with a colorful social program that will surely create beautiful and unforgettable memories to accompany you on your return trip back home.

We would like to thank in advance the participants and the representatives of the industry who will be arriving Antalya from different parts of the world for our joint meeting which will stand at the zenith of all symposia and congresses organized in the field of wound management in Türkiye.

We are very much look forward to welcoming and hosting you as our guest, not as a participant at the meeting.

Best regards,


Prof. Hakan UNCU

Prof. Mike EDMONDS